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ASEED beverage vending machine

We have been proposing the optimization of the number of vending machines since early on. Reducing the number of vending machines by combining the best-selling products of each beverage manufacturer into a single machine prevents wasteful energy consumption and leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Leave a beautiful global environment
for next generation

is ASEED's theme.
Considering further CO2 reduction, we using eco-vendors for the full-line vending machines.
The latest heat-pump vending machines are designed to save energy by improving thermal efficiency by reusing the heat, which released to the outside for cooling beverages, for heating and keeping beverages warm.Power consumption has been reduced by approximately 65% compared to 2005

Main vending machines

We provide a wide variety of beverages to offices, factories, schools, hospitals, stadiums, sports facilities, and other locations to help create comfortable and healing spaces.

We offer a wide variety of vending machines, including SMART STORE, full-line machines, beverage manufacturer vending machines(SUNTORY, Asahi, Otsuka, Pokka Sapporo, Meiji, KIRIN, etc.), ice cream vending machines, and other vending machines to suit the installation location.

Vending machine operation system


Vending machines are installed in various places, office, factory, school, hospital, etc. Today, vending machines that meet social needs such as "energy saving" and "environmental friendliness" have become mainstream.

ASEED currently holds the top market share in Japan as a "specialized operator" specializing in total management, including product replenishment, sales management, and vending machine maintenance. We are expanding our network to provide even more detailed sales services.

Route sales employees will gather information on customer requests and improvements, and provide immediate feedback to daily operations.
We will strive to be a group of trusted professionals who can contribute to the refreshment of our customers.

AONS card

  • Cards for cup drinks are provided as prizes.
  • Halls simply purchase the cards as prizes. (in units of 1,000 cards)
  • Customers can drink a cup of beverage at the price set on the AONS card.
  • Cards can only be used at the hall that issued them. Cash sales are also accepted.
    For cash sales, we will pay rebates as usual.
  • Used cards are taken into the vending machine and collected.
  • ※AONS Card does not fall under the category of "securities" under the Entertainment Establishments Control Law due to our unique management method.
    This card system is patented by our company.


Drink Card


Just leave to us!
Full follow-up with no burden on the customer

Once the contract is signed and the vending machine is installed, our route salesman will take care of everything
from replenishment of products, collection of money, sales management, seasonal product changes, cleaning of the
vending machine, and maintenance, all with the utmost attention to detail and without any hassle to the customer.

  • 定期訪問

    Regular visits

    We will visit regularly to avoid selling out.

  • カウンターチェック 代金回収・釣り銭補充

    Counter check
    Payment collection and change replenishment

    Captures sales results with a handy terminal.

  • 商品補充

    Products replenishment

    We also quickly incorporate hot new and hot-selling products to boost sales.

  • 周辺清掃


    Collect empty containers and clean up around vending machines to maintain a clean environment.

  • ロケフィーの支払い

    Payment of location fees

    We will send you a payment statement and transfer the money to your designated account. The customer is only required to pay for the installation space and electricity.


With 44 offices nationwide, from Tohoku to Okinawa, we provide consistent support for vending machine product replenishment, sales management, and maintenance as a dedicated operator with close ties to the community.

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  • ウェルネス支店

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